Delhi pollution, Effects, Causes and Remedies

Delhi pollution, effects causes and remedies Ever smoked a cigarette? It really doesn’t matter now because inhaling normally in Delhi is now equal to smoking 50 cigarettes a day. Even if you haven’t smoked in your life going out in this condition can make you ‘one packet a day man’. The air quality index of delhi … Read more

Nanotechnology -Introduction about Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology The word ‘Nanotechnology‘ itself instigates our curiosity to know what is exactly that.Let us understand, pick up any object that is in front of you hold in your hand and now ask,’what is it made of?’The the answer is small microparticles which we can’t even see but after they combine with each other, make … Read more

Brain chemicals-The key to happiness…

Brain chemicals -The key to happiness… Brain Chemicals that will make you happy. We often have some days when we feel high, have zest to work hard and motivated. But, then we have some days just opposite to it, we feel down, perplexed and everything becomes a mess. The reason we have for all this … Read more


NEW GST REGISTRATION PROCESS ONLINE FOR A NEW GST REGISTRATION PROCESS ONLINE FOLLOW THE STEPS MENTIONED AND REGISTER YOUR BUSINESS WITH GST WITHIN 15 MINUTES. 1. Initially for the New GST Registration Process Online first, the taxpayer needs to login to the GST Portal and then under the Taxpayers column click on “Register Now” … Read more

Mummification Process – All about Mummification Ancient Egypt

Mummification Process – All about Mummification Mummification process is done in ancient Egypt and in other various countries in the sense to preserve the body and the huge believe in afterlife  As in ancient time, there was a great belief in an afterlife and the belief of the afterlife comes from the Egyptian legacy. As … Read more

Top 15 “Untold” Tips For Good Health Of This Year’s From Experts “Updated”

tips for good health

  Here are the 15 health tips that even doctor did not tell you. These “untold” tips for good health makes your life more HEALTHY and HAPPY. 1. Moisturize Dry Skin Apply moisturizer while your skin is still damp it’ll be absorbed more easily. 2.Wrong Time To Brush Do not brush immediately after meals and … Read more