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Some of you must be thinking ‘yes-they do deserve’ some ‘no-they don’t’ and some might be confused between the two.

people deserve a second chance for the mistakes they have made in life?

People are not God, Nobody is perfect. We all commit mistakes in our life and when we apologize, we hope that the other person will forgive and give us a second chance. It is possible to learn from our mistake and grow as a person and as an individual. People need second chances to continuously grow and change and be a better version of themselves. It is possible to give a person second chance, but only after the trust has been rebuilt and the person has proven that they understood what they did wrong and they want to continue the relationship (friendship, love, family, business etc) with you. So the answer becomes yes, everyone deserves a second chance.

So does that mean everyone deserves a second chance? Irrespective of what that mistake might be, Will you give second chance to a murderer or a rapist? The answer is no, Right?. We should give second chance only to the point of the trust, Once the other person attempts to threatening our well-being, it’s clearly time to walk away.

“I do believe in second chance. I don’t, however, believe that  everyone deserves one”.