The format of Prescription is a written order from a registered medical practitioner, or other properly licensed practitioner, such as dentist, veterinarian etc. to a pharmacist to compound and dispense a specific medication for the patient.

Definition of Prescription:-

The format of prescription written in English language but Latin word is use for save our time.

Parts Of Written Format of Prescription –

  1. Date
  2. Name, age, sex, and address of the patient
  3. Superscription
  4. Inscription
  5. Subscription
  6. Signature
  7. Renewal instruction
  8. Signature, address and registration number of the prescriber

Date- It helps to find out the date of prescribing and date for filling the prescription. It helps the miss use of narcotic or other habit forming drugs.

Name, age sex and address of the patient-Name, age sex and address of the patient must written by the prescriber because it helps the identity of the prescription. If any of these is missing in the prescription the pharmacist should fill up after proper enquiry from the patient. Age and sex of the patient is essential specially for the children it helps the pharmacist to check the right dose of medication. The weight is helps the pharmacist to calculate the appropriate dose.

SuperscriptionIt represented by a symbol Rx which written before writing the prescription. Rx is a abbreviation of the Latin word recipe, meaning ‘You take’. The symbol is use for request to the God for the quick recovery of the patient.

Inscription- It is the main part of presciption. It consist of the names and quantities of the prescribe ingredients. The name of ingredients written in English but commonly abbreviation can written both in English and Latin languages. It divided into three parts, Base- The active medicaments which are intend to produce the therapeutic effect. Adjuvant- it included either to enhance the action of medicament or to improve the palatability of the prescription. Vehicle- it included in the prescription either to dissolve the solid ingredients or to increase the volume of the prescription. Nowadays, the majority of drugs prescribed which already in a suitable formulation. The pharmacist is require to dispense the ready-made from of drugs.


In this part prescribers written the process of making medicaments. But now subscription is omitting by the prescriber because now the majority of prescription not compounded and dispensed.

Signatura- It consist of the direction to the patient regarding the administration of the drug. It usually written as ‘Sig’ on the prescription. The instruction show given in the label of the container which the medicament is to be dispensed, so the patient can be follow it. the  instraction include the following- the quantity to be taken, the frequency of the administration, the mode of administration, the special instruction such as dilution direction.

Renewal instructions- The prescriber indicate on every prescription, whether it renewed and if so, how  many times. It very important for prevent the misuse of prescription.

Signature, address, & registration number of the prescriber- The prescription must bear the signature of the prescriber along with its registration number and address. It also very important particularly in the prescription containing the narcotic and other habit forming drugs, to prevent its misuse.

An example of a typical formate of prescription is given below-

prescription format

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