How To Properly Add A New Post In WordPress

Add A New Post In WordPress

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Whenever it comes to blogging the first option which comes in our mind is WordPress. WordPress is the best Content Management System out there. There are many reasons why I love WordPress one of the reason is writing blog post is quite easy. It provides you with tons of option to write and customize your blog post.

But if you are new to WordPress then you may face some difficulty in the beginning in writing your post in WordPress. But you need not worry, today in this beginners guides I will tell you how to write and use all the features provided by WordPress.

Without wasting much time lets get started…

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1. Titles

Your article should begin with Heading 1. Whatever you write as the title the same title should be the beginning line of your post.

Note: Heading 1 should be only used once.

You can use Heading 2 or Heading 3 for subtitles.

You should keep this in mind while writing a post in WordPress.

2. Visual Editor Vs Text Editor

You will normally be welcomed by Visual Editor. I recommend using visual editor every time you write the post. The visual editor is used for writing general text.

Text Editor is used for writing HTML or other codes.

Note: Never use Text Editor for writing normal content.

3. The toolbar

Here you will find a bunch of customization option for your post.

You can also switch to Distraction Free Writing Mode. This mode hides all the tools present on the sides so you can focus on your content

4. Adding Media

This is one of the most important parts from the reader point of view. No one likes to read a blog post without images.  Make sure your post has at least two to three images.

To add images:

Click on the Add Media button present above the toolbar.

Windows like this will open.

You can upload a new image or choose from previously uploaded images.

Once you have successfully uploaded you will find these options.

You have nothing to do with the Url just leave as it is.

Title: Write proper title. Don’t give it random names.

Caption: Completely your choice.

Alt Text: You should write the focus keyword here. You must not skip this.

Description: Here you can describe your photo. Again, completely your choice.

Attachment Display Settings:

Alignment: This means where you want your picture to be displayed. In the center, in the right, in the left.

Link To: It will give you four options- (i) Media File (ii) Attachment Page (iii) Custom Url (iv) None

Choose the option according to your need.

Size: Choose the right image size. The image is should not get blurred.

And when you are satisfied with the settings, click the button which says – Insert into post.

5. Categories and Tags

Categories are used to organize your post. This will not only help you organize post but it also helps in boosting SEO. Categories are hierarchical you can add sub category.

Tags, on the other hand, are post specific  They describe your post. You can use Google suggestion to add tags.

You should skip this step.

6. Featured Image

This is the main image of your post. This is the thing which makes your post in wordpress looks attractive. You should always try to add a featured image.

7. SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the most important part of any website. Proper care should be given to SEO while writing the post.

Let’s take a real life example for understanding SEO.

You went to the market to purchase bakery items. In the market, there are two bakers one is Ram and other is Shyam.

Ram has organized everything properly. His items are clean and displayed properly. Every item has a price tag, description tag. He cares for his customer.

Shyam, on the other hand, doesn’t care whether the items are clean or not.

Now it’s your turn to make the decision of selecting the shop.

You will certainly go to Ram’s shop. Because he has optimised his shop for the customer. Just like that, you need to optimize your post for the search engine.

For SEO, we have here Yoast SEO plugin. You just need to select the keyword and then work according to the instruction given by the plugin.

Focus Keyword is the central idea around which your article revolves. You can use the Google Keyword Planner to select the right keyword for your post. 

8. Publish Button

When you are satisfied with everything you can submit it for review.

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