How To Properly Add A New Post In WordPress

Ayush Singh

A cyber enthusiast and a guy who loves to play games and have a good time with his friends!

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7 Responses

  1. Sahil Khanna says:

    Thanks a lot, Ayush. It will help every new blogger here

  2. Gaju Masare says:

    Thanks for this blog but please tell me one thing how to find our blog on search engine like Google?

    • Ayush Singh says:

      Hii Gaju thanks for the question.
      You can find the blog by searching lets blogging in the Google search bar. But the website is new so google will take some time in properly indexing the website.

  3. Gaju Masare says:

    hey tell me one thing how i can edit a published blog?

  4. Gaju Masare says:

    Find some tipes and triks in it. It will help me.

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