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Reading effectively and in faster pace…


Reading effectively and efficiently is one of the important part of  one’s life .It is by reading effectively and efficienctly, we gain knowledge .Reading in general is a simple process but to make it more effective and have a greater impact on our mind,its vital to understand the importance of reading,how it can shape our brain and can even enhance our memory.so its necessary for reading effectively and efficiently.




As a student its mandatory to have good writing skills which can be improved by reading.  Researches have shown that reading is one of the best way to improve writing skills.




Reading also helps in enhancing the memory power which eventually helps to develop new neurological pathways in our human brain.But, In this busy and rapidly changing world, its tough to read books in a limited amount of time. Therefore there has to be a way via which we don’t have to spend our precious time and even let go of this reading habit.


Here I am going to share with you some of the key steps that you could use to read  books  more effectively and efficiently.


1)First…. Summary.



The summary is one of the smallest crux of the book .Therefore to have an overview of a book it good to read the summary at first.



2)Index work



The second thing to do is to open the index page and have a look over topics covered in books. At first try to read the topics that are general in the book.


3) To Read


Once you have selected the topic then just have a glance over the whole topic. Read the letters or sentences that are bold. This will help you to understand the topic in a very quick way.


4)Back to the Index 



Now turn to the topics that you think are important to you. Give time to only the topics which you have selected this time.




By following these few steps you can finish the whole book with in a short interval of time. I hope that these key steps would help you when you want to get things done on time reading effectively and efficiently.

Reading effectively
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Reading effectively
Here are some key steps that would help you to read effectively and in faster pace.