Now we toke about SEO SEO means search engine optimization it is a basically it is used in google when we went go in a tope in google and

like a rank in google a pacefik keyword and an interesting thing is it is absolutely free and

if you went rank in google on took on a keyword so you pay money on google adword and

it is a mean method of rank on google only you can rank in google keyword so pay google adword and

now toke about SEO so it is free and and is work all search channels like bingo google etc.

So Now toke about SEO like a on paper work it is a good for your website continuously work on his website like a post new blogs on his website and

you can see changes on his website and it is a permanent work do it and one thin it all works google index and

it is all work by you google notice and now Google thinks is it a very good website and is it one way to go for SEO and

big thing freely you rank on google without pay any money it is a great thing for us and

Some next step for you-you can an also post in a valuable because Google is a very smart and

it is a greeting thing google is very smart and it is an only want best thin you give me and

if you count very helpful so Google definitely help you for rank on google and is it a like some benefit gives you by Google and if you want ask any thin so go

is it as a free and most valuable thing for us is it a like a god for your website and

is it like a free rank on google so you don’t know what the value is it in the terms of money and is it as a very smart work for saving money

And some people like a see website which so down to ads because people thoth and

people know is it ad and anyone can do that and so him on tope and is it not full information on this website so lets try some website which so whitout ad or is it website toke by the people toke and

thoth by the people is it part of seo so all benefit are come from anywhere you toke and take it and grow and

it is a like a work from boss if you do some work on it seo so you are the best thing for you you can rank on google and is it true and all the lagend people are do this same thing and

he also the grenate big revanu and toke about his time and it is do work amd

is it a like a big profitablty deal for avery oneand like a drean we went to renk on google now I have no money for pay google adsence so is it work for you is it a greet seo for your bussinesh and

website is it very smart  work without invest money you can rank in google search engine so is it work for you is it like a gift from google in this you told you google sir is it my contact come read this and

give me some result and next day again some new and atraktiv post make in his website its called on page work so again google come in ower website so see ower countant and

read all the thing and reaten by we so it is a very smart do his work fastely and come again and again and again do his work fastly if he read his work then if he like the contant it is a good thing and and

its help on seo its called seo if google like ower work so is it a great thin now we rank in google search and

it is absulutly free is it free now you can enjoy and grow because you rank in google without invest eaney money and

it is a very big achivment for us and it is a good thin do by google you ya do some heard work and

rank in google free with the help of seo seo is a king you can say is it a key for secces and is it a very good thing

Seo if you see this is not a heart thin is it very easy you can do this easily is it a free and

do some hard work and again do hard work and take some patience is it very important is it not a one day work or two day work is it long time work to do this and see results ok

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