Sexual Assaults: Curse For Our Nation

Sexual Assaults: Curse For Our Nation

“Free Me from the Shackles of the society and I will Change the world”

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assaults have become a curse for our country.Every day hundreds of Sexual Assaults, Physical abuses commonly called ‘Rapes’ takes place in the whole nation. Some of these Sexual Assaults gets disclose while others remain bury. The only reason why women remain quite even after their Sexual Assaults is the fear from society. She is in the shackles of this so-called society.

 What People will say when they will know about this? How will they react? Will I still get respect in the society?

These questions revolve around her mind after her sexual assault, so she often ends up either by keeping her mouth shut or by committing suicide. She accepts to bear the pain rather than revealing it openly. According to a report, more than 57% of sexual crimes are not disclosed by victims.

fear of being sexual assault

The Mindset of  society

We are in the society where women are working equally to men. Now they neither have to beg in front of their male partners or be dependent on them.

Do they get equal Respect? Are they fearless to travel alone?

She is not safe-sexual assaults

For these questions, my answer would be a big ‘NO’. She still has fear while travelling alone and the fear of sexual assaults. Stats show that 9 out of 10 victims of these sexual assaults are female in which most of them are minors. According to National Crime Records Bureau, someone who commits such sexual assaults is already known to a victim. Here again, the question arises Can’t she trust anyone? Isn’t she safe even while travelling with her male kins?

Child abuse-Sexual assaults

According to Human Rights Watch projects, more than 7200 minors face sexual abuse every year in India. Minors Really? A young kid who is not still fully developed is sexually assaulted and is forced to take the pain of someone who is even known to her. This doesn’t stop here victims who report their sexual assaults face maltreatment and humiliation even by the police. And if the woman gets sexual abuse, she has to bear the harsh words of the society. Society doesn’t accept her anymore. She is even left alone by her husband who once promised her for being a Companion for seven births and stands with her in every difficult situation.

Sexual assaults on woman

Questions by society 

Why you were wearing such revealing clothes? Were you not careful? Why you were travelling alone?

Above are some questions ask of sexual assaults victims. People start blaming victims and often heard saying “This is what happens if you wear such clothes or are not careful enough”. The problem is not with the clothes of women but the problem is with the mentality of people who instead of supporting, start blaming the victim.

saying of society to sexual assaults victim

This Male dominant society create Myths about the victim that “Might the woman be at fault, Might she argued with the person, Might she wore appealing clothes”. These myths not only act as fake rumours but also diminish the image of the victim in front of her colleagues. She has to feel ashamed because of the fault of someone else.

How to stop sexual assaults?

Stop sexual assaults

The mindset of people and society should be changed by following:-

  • The spotlight should now shift from victim to the rapist.
  • Youths and People should come together to support such victims instead of breaking up with them.
  • The government should fix their laws on sexual assaults and implement them effectively.
  • Special courts need to be set up to give quick judgments on issues like rapes so that no more such cases are delayed.
  • High penalties should be imposed on the rapist.
  • NGO’s should create awareness campaigns in the country to awake youths and society about consequences and after effects of such sexual assaults on victims lives.

No means No- sexual assaults


The mentality of people is changing. Some of them are bothering about the victims and standing for them.Now it’s a high time to rise up and come together to stop such sexual assaults.

Shatter the silence-sexual assaults

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