First Copy Shoes: The demand for first copy shoes in India

The first copy shoes market growing day by day in India. Everyone wants to buy original shoes but some of them can’t afford original shoes. In India original shoes very costly. Big brands like Nike, Adidas, Balenciaga, Versace, Louis Vuitton, etc. Their top models are very costly in India.

That’s why the manufacturer makes first copies of those models. And the quality of the shoes is also very fine. There is a minor difference between copy and original shoes. Everyone who is doing a business of first copy shoes in India. Their business makes a huge profit. And First copy of shoes is very affordable. There are a lot of types of first copy shoes in India 7A, 6A, etc, Some copies are very cheaper but their quality is also cheap. Here is a price comparison of Original, first copy, second copy, and third copy shoes.

Original Balenciaga

Balenciaga shoes

First copy shoe sellers make a huge profit by selling online and offline. There are big wholesalers who sit in a market in a very huge profit. It assumptions that their turnover approximately 50 crores. That is a very huge amount. They are doing this openly in the market. And No legal action taken by brands. Mainly First copy shoes manufacture in Vietnam and China. India imports those shoes from these countries. Delhi, Ludhiana, and Mumbai are the main markets of the first copy in India.

You can find easily it on Instagram. There is a retailer who sells on Instagram. The first copy of the shoe business is very profitable in India. First copy shoes start from 1500 and it ends at 7,000.  There is a different copy sells in the market like a second copy third copy. But this all is illegal, sell copies of any product is an illegal and punishable offense. A lot of hard work and research behind the original product. And make a copy of the original product is very easy.

Showing Interest in First Copy

But the public also supports this by showing interest in first copy shoes. The brand actually sues them who sell their first copy. I don’t know why they can’t do that. But this business increasing day by day. All these copy products import from China and Vietnam and they can easily import all these copies. Even small brands & manufacturers also do the same they also make copies of big brands and easily sell in the market.

They all are in their comfort zone and also make a lot of profit by sell copies. They don’t want to Hard work for their brands. And also not only in shoes first copy in every product even watches, clothes everywhere. And one thing more a few days back I saw Balenciaga shoes copy on amazon. Amazon is a very big platform. There is no chance to sell the first copy on amazon. But I don’t know how they sell it.

Balenciaga Shoes

Balenciaga is a very big brand in the whole world. In India, there is no exclusive showroom of Balenciaga. But you can buy Balenciaga shoes from Amazon. And also at a very cheap price. Balenciaga Triple S model price is around 70,000/- and you can buy this same shoe from Amazon just for around 4500 to 5000, how is this possible. A seller sells first copy shoes on Amazon, Snapdeal, Instagram very easily. And the market place is allowed to sell these copies.

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