Small talks | The best guide to be a great conversation starter

Small talks …

Small talks

Imagine that you are at a party of your relative you have never even had a conversation before and the situation gets worse when you have nobody around you with whom you are familiar. Sounds like a scary dream.

But, sometimes it becomes a real-time problem for most of us. Being an introvert, I am also damn bad at having small talks. These are the light conversations you start with an unknown person to be friendly with the one.

Small talks are the greatest tool one can have when it comes to socializing or even making new friends in our working fields, school, colleges.

So the question arises that how to be good at small talks and build better relations.Here is the answer to this question.

1) Body language-

 Body language                  

 Our body language speaks much louder than the words.So before starting a conversation a gentle smile or a handshake can be used to grasp attention.

2)Be the first one-

Be first

Every time when you have a conversation with someone, try to be the first one to start a talk.

3)Be present in the moment-

Be present now

Whenever talking to somebody, it’s really very important to have attention to what the next person is speaking.

4)Be a good listener-

Good listener

We have often heard this but good listening doesn’t only mean to pay attention to what the next person is speaking but also listening with an interest and putting into your energy into the conversation.

5)What to talk about-

This is the biggest doubt one has while having a small talk.Small talks must always have a very friendly topic which are even interesting. Here is the list of topics on which you can have small talks on-

•Current affairs (avoid topics on which you can have a debate)
•Favourite sports
•Favorite songs
•Latest movies

I hope this blog covered everything you will need before having  small talks. Hopefully it will help you come out of awkward social situations as these helped me too.(Don’t forget to comment;)

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