social media marketing

Social media marketing

social media marketing
Kiev, Ukraine – January 11, 2016: Background of famous social media icons such as: Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Linkedin, Tumblr, Myspace and others, printed on paper.

Now we toke about social media marketing

What is social media marketing

How can I do this marketing its called social media marketing

Who used it marketing like that social media marketing

So now let’s start social media marketing it is a basekly a way to do marketing on the internet

Now we think purchase anything first reached on google and research on this than we purchase this product

So is it do marketing on internet platform like WhatsApp facebook e-mail marketing its type of marketing we do on the internet its called social media marketing

we do this on the social media platform

And also on google, we do marketing so is its basic information for social media marketing

Is it free no is it not free you spend money

How much money we spend so basekly how much money you spend on It social media marketing

you see the results like that is it a very expensive like you can so much money you can spend and see the positive results

Basically, google play a pad advertising and you give money to google for play your ad is it social media marketing is it like a greet

And like that Facebook also play pad and so you can pay to Facebook and play your ad so it is a good thing

And not is it a social media marketing only pay money on google ya facebook and play paid ad

Is it also recurred you can make unick ad in the form of poster ya video now trained video and so you can make a video ad and

Do this is it very hard work make ad so give some time and research and you can find a new thing so now make a good ad

In this ad, you explain your product and fast in few secs so go research and make a powerful video ad basekly you told his product and

why you purchase is it like a time wast and

Anyone see your ad so it’s very simple so anyone understands your product and he knows that why I purchase this product

In this, you can ad msg services is it also this in you can send msg so ya is like services in this

you can purchase a no.of list in this so many numbers now we see the old no. and send him details of your product

And do call on this no. and toke to people and told him your product and give him full information and do it is regularly invest more money on pad ads

And now we can do e-mail marketing is it you can purchase list of e-mails and send there are e-mails and its like

it is called e-mail marketing in this e-mail toke about his product and benefits and

took them why we purchase this product and is it like a most important and do this and expand some money on this

Now we toke about Instagram is it a social network you can also do this on this Instagram and

is it a very famous platform and you can play your ad on Instagram is also paid you can see the result after doing this

In the Instagram very big players use this and very big actors and producers use this and are it like a very big oceans on this Instagram

you can see in this poll big and if you want to ask anything so go

famous people use Instagram and are it also free and you can apply your business on this Instagram so use it

for social media marketing so is it ok  and best way to do this

In this involved internet marketing and is it also like a do some pad ads on the internet and it is like a greeting thing and in this so many people and use the internet so

It is the best platform for this so start a new way to earn money and do this and

I told you, again and again, is it like a good thin make a good ad and is it very good and like a big impact on this we also do good and

Then your ad is very small and thinks I this so many and explain your product and is it as a good thing in this

Is it like a greet you make a great ad and also give a best in public

And now I told you a greeting thing also give feedback and do work on this is it very big thin take feedback and do work on this soya is it a greet

Do social media marketing because it is a very good thing for you your business

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