Sweet Replies of Wife’s Problems

Make your wife Happy by short & sweet replies because Most of the men don’t understand wife and so as their questions.

Now a wife was sharing a daily life problem here …

Wife: Bai didn’t come today, Bai did this wrong.

Husband: Gives a solution.

Wife: Again, maasi came today and I forgot to call.

Husband: Again husband gives a solution that call the maasi tomorrow.

(she knows that she can call her tomorrow. There is nothing to tell about it.)

                  But here the thing is that she is not complaining she is trying to share her feelings and she wants her feeling to be respected by her husband. He should have not given her solutions.

Sweet Replies of Wife's Problems

Otherwise this talk will become a debate, and in these kinds of situations ladies say a simple sentence you do not understand me.

                  Now this Man has taken our Relationship classes, so observe his sweet reply…

Here husband’s reaction has changed, let’s see an example..

Here wife is waiting for her husband and ready to tell her problems..

Wife: Bai didn’t come today, Bai did this wrong.

Husband: ohhh it seems you have a bad day.

(here she shows you how bad day she faced, what she is feeling you have to show that you can feel that, by this she just wants you to realize, how she worked hard. Here he can give this of Sweet replies of Wife’s Problems))

Husband: So you will have tired today.

Wife: Again, maasi came today and I forgot to call.

Husband: wow, massi came!

                  (take interest in her interest, because here we are talking about her family and you should know how important her family is)

                  So friends, taking interest in her family is very important and there is a simple logic behind it and that is after marriage when she came for you and left her home for you and eccept your family as her family, then you can understand, the respect you give to her family is very important.

And we need to do it once in a month or two, that’s it.

                  So when the husband takes interest ‘wow massi came!’ & talk to her with a smile.

Now she is saying that she forgot to call, how maasi will feel

You can say, ohh you take care of everybody too much

Wow ! Now she says those lovely words for you, because you said what she wants to listen.

She: You are the only one who can understand me.

(last time when did you hear these words, did you remember that?)


                  So friends it’s very easy, you have to be a empathetic listener and nothing else.

Let’s take another example..

When wife says today there is no water in the tap it seems some problem.

Here man thinks that she is telling me for this problem, because somewhere there is my fault, and that’s why husband says- why are you telling me, I have already given you the plumber’s no.

                  You should have call him and ask him why there is no water in the tap, why are you telling me, do you want me to do this work also?

                  Now the problem starts, when she says you don’t understand me because she wants you to share something, like she shared her today’s water problem. But husband thought she was blaming him.

But the husband should have say this here…

Husband: Ohh,  you had a water problem today, so what did you do?

Here he should ask this type of question to show that he also feels how hard she has worked. she was not blaming him.

Her way of sharing looks like she is blaming him. But in reality she is not blaming him, it’s her way of expressing and sharing that’s it.

Here he should talk like this example…

Wife: There is no water in the tap today.

Husband: So what did you do?

Wife: then I had to go to neighbor’s house and I had to bring buckets of water from there.

Husband: ohhh you did that, how may buckets did you have to carry?

(just ask questions to your wife and take interest in her, you have to do this only, that’s it)

Wife: Did you know that I had to carry 5 buckets?

Husband: oh my god, you will have tired too much.

                  That’s it, how much time did it take? Hadley 2 minutes. These 2 minutes are enough to make her happy by sharing her thoughts/feelings.

                  And if you talk to her in this way, which is a right way to talk, then 2 minutes are more than enough to make her happy, you don’t even need 30 minutes.

                  So friends it’s not about blaming nor it about responsibilities. So stop thinking that she is blaming you.

                  We men have this problem, we give the solution and later we came to know that she was not asking for solutions then later we stop ourselves.

                  Actually we men mostly talk for 2 reasons first for solutions and second to blame someone.

But here we come to know husband and wife’s way of talking, so it will help you to understand each other to maintain a good relationship just by giving sweet replies of wife’s problems.

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