Digital Marketing Interview Questions And Answers

Digital Marketing has become one of the fastest growing career opportunity now a day because of “Digital India Campaign” started by our Prime Minister Requirement of Skilled as well as fresher candidates in Digital marketing is increasing tremendously. So we decided to provide you top Digital Marketing Interview Questions and answer in this post. Digital Marketing Interview … Read more

Ashoka’s Secret Society :- 9 Unknown Men

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12th-day Ganpati immersion  in Pune

     Ganpati immersion  in Pune


12th-day Ganpati immersion in Pune –As this year an extra day added to the Ganpati festival, 1-day extra Bappa was with us.

And in Pune, the immersion procession is full of cultural as well as in an eco-friendly way.

With lots of dhol and Tasha’s group of people striking dhol and Tasha’s in front of Bappa to give tribute and show their talent to Bappa.

As Mumbai is known for huge and big Ganpati idol Pune is known for tradition. From morning the procession start’s as Pune got 5 honor Statue first they get honor for the immersion then other public groups do the immersion.

The main way of the procession in the main city is Laxmi road every group passes by that route so huge no of population gathers there to see the procession those 5 honor Ganpati statutes get immersion by afternoon then other groups start’s their procession.

How they got the honored place?

It’s actually Ganpati festival started by lokmanya tilak and bhau saheb ranger it was a drive against Britishers. They use to neglect the Ganpati festival by thinking why to disturb religious View’s but most of the planning has been done during this 11 day’s so earlier 5 spots were used which are 1. Kasbah


1. Kasbapeth Ganpati

2. Tambdi Jogeshwari Ganpati

3. Guruji Talim Ganpati

4. Tulsi Baug Ganpati

5. Kesariwada Ganpati.

There are 5 honored Ganpati of Pune served First then comes to the most favorite Ganesha of punekars i.e dagduseth halwai Ganpati.

By afternoon honored Ganesha are been immersed then procession start’s of well know dagduseth halawi Ganpati and others and a well-known name is lightish Ganpati which mean procession which includes a huge amount of light’s and decoration of light which can be visible after the sunset so lightiche Ganpati.

The procession moves slowly towards the river dagduseth halwai Ganpati is been immersed next morning whole and sole last Ganesha to be immersed.

All night dj’s and dhol Tasha’s strike’s and a huge number of people dances too this is the Ganpati procession of Ganpati in Pune last day. Do visit Pune once to see the Procession.

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