Tips for choosing the right engineering college in India

Making the Right Choice about college for your education is an important decision to make and can often be stressful. The increase is the popularity of acquiring an engineering degree has consequently led to an increase in competition. It is easy to get side tracked by what others are doing, but it important to focus on one’s self. There are a lot of factors and criteria’s that need to be considered. The following list will serve as a guide for picking out  which engineering college in India is the best for you:

·        Do you have an aptitude for engineering?

Engineering is an extremely popular degree, and students often feel coerced into studying it at college. It is important to take a step back and ensure that this is the path that you would like to take before enquiring further into the subject.

·        Finding the right branch of engineering

There are a lot of streams within engineering itself, like mechanical, electrical, chemical, civil, computer science, etc. The stream that you would like to study should be prioritised. Research the colleges which offer and provide quality education in your preferred stream.

·        Looking for a job after college

After graduation, college-level placements are important to secure a good job. While most colleges have a decent placement policy, you should confirm its success rate.

·        Connecting with the Alumni Network

Interacting with the alumni can offer insight into the college and its working. They can help with placement details and other specifics about the college.

·        Accreditation and Affiliation

A college course has to be accredited and recognised by the UBC. There are organizations which periodically evaluate technical institutions such as the National Board of Accreditation (NBA).

·        Faculty

The value of a good education also comes from the quality of the faculty of an institution. Detailed information about a college’s  faculty is generally provided on their website. The student to faculty ratio is also an important aspect that should be considered.

·        Infrastructure & Facilities

The infrastructure of the college, like its classrooms and laboratories are crucial to the learning process, especially for engineering students. Proper equipment is necessary for engineering students and will help with practical training. It is also necessary for students to have facilities like computer labs and libraries within their college.

·        Extracurricular activities

Sports, clubs, and societies in colleges are also important for a student’s education. Activities like workshops and competitive events are also beneficial for a student’s overall personality development.

·        Scholarship/Financial Aid

Colleges provide merit-based and need-based financial aid to facilitate a student’s education. This can be beneficial in reducing the cost of obtaining an engineering degree in India.

An example of an engineering college which provides quality education and meets all the above criteria is Saintgits College of Engineering in Kottayam, Kerala. It has five NBA accredited courses for their Bachelors of Technology Program. Saintgits also has state of the art infrastructure with proper laboratories and other facilities. Saintgits college has its own LabVIEW Academy, the first in Kerala. It provides equipment which can be used in areas such as Robotics and Metallurgy. Saintgits also has facilities like ANSYS lab which allows engineers to simulate the interactions of disciplines like physics and electromagnetics. Saintgits focuses on the development of analytical and critical thinking skills along with technical skills. It has centers based on entrepreneurship and innovation. This all-round development, which helps students grow in their professional college makes it stand out. Its placement programme is also exceptional, having placed students at companies like Infosys, TCS, and IBM.

Today, it is important for a student to receive a holistic education. All these factors contribute to ensuring that education a university provides is well rounded. They can be ranked according to what is a priority for each student. All these parameters will help students make an informed decision about which engineering college to choose.

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