Top 10 Social Media Platforms in 2020

Do you know how to use different social media platforms?

Do you know what Social Media is?

Do you know who is the top 10 social media platforms people are using most in 2019?

Do you know how social media help you to grow your business?

So here is the answer to the above question.

What is Social media?

According to WikipediaSocial media are interactive computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.”

Social media platforms provide you a facility to communicate with other people to share your daily life and make friends & share your photos with others.

Now 1 in 6-minute people are using Social media platforms.

Social media platforms are now become very popular due to some amazing features.

These features are shared your photos, See other people’s photo, Go live and share your day to day life on these platforms, Post daily story or status.

Now no. of social media users is increasing day by day.  One of the most reason for popularity is that human philosophy.

People want to make friends and want to share their life with others.

All of these popular social media platforms giving these amazing feature free of cost. That’s why people use it a lot.

Top 10 Social Media Platforms

1. YouTube

youtube- social media platform

YouTube has become the World’s most popular video platform. All most all internet users these platforms.

 Here you can see a lot of videos according to your interest.

Here you can see entertainment video, educational video, songs movies and a lot more.

 The biggest advantage of these platforms is that this is absolutely free.

 You can also make your own video.

YouTube is an only platform people can post a video on it and others can see those videos. YouTube made some people zero to hero.

Here are some facts About YouTube

1. Founded in 2005

2. Total number of Monthly Active User: 1.9 Billion

3. Total Number Daily Active User: 30+ Million

4. Number of video watched per day: 5 billion

5. No. of videos uploaded per minute: 300 hours

6. 62% users are males

2. Facebook

Facebook is also a very popular social media platform.

On Facebook, you can share your photos or you can put content. You can see other people’s posts and like them or comment on other people’s posts.

 Businesses also use Facebook. On Facebook Businesses can make. Their page shares its content to that audience.

Facebook is founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004.

On Facebook, you can send a request to people you want to make your friend.

If that guy accept you request then you’re become, friends. Facebook allow you to maintain a friend list or upload photos. You can also stream live video using Facebook live.

Here are some facts about

1. Monthly Active users: 2.38 Billion

2. Daily Active Users: 1.56 billion

3. 5 New Profiles are created in every second

4. Average Spent time on Per Visit: 20 Minute

5. India has the largest number of users in the world

3. Instagram

Instagram is another most popular social media platform.

This platform is specialized to design for sharing images or videos with another.

On Instagram, you can follow people or people can follow back you. You can is a very popular platform in adults.

Most of Instagram users are youth.

The main aim of Instagram is to share photos or videos on your Smartphone. Your followers can see your photos on their feed.

Here are some facts about Instagram

1. There are 1 million Advertisers on Instagram

2. 45 Billion Photos share on in 2018

3. Active Accounts per Day: 500+ Million

4. 80% of users follow business Account

5. 80% of Influencer prefer Instagram collaboration

4. Whatsapp

What’s app is a great alternative to SMS? It will use for sending SMS to others in free.

 In Whatsapp, you can also share images or videos with your friends.

 You can also do a video call or voice call to your contacts. Whatsapp is now launched business WhatsApp for helping business.

Whatsapp business is very helpful for business owners. Whatsapp business also has a feature of automated reply.

 In Whatsapp, you can also see another’s status or post your status.

1. Active Users: 1.5 Billion

2. 3 Million Company Use Whatsapp Business

3. Whatsapp is acquired by Facebook in $19 Billion

4. 29 Million messages sent every minute

5. Whatsapp Indian User: 200+ Million

5. Snapchat

Snapchat also becomes a very popular platform. It will give users an amazing feature.

I share an image with your friends then it will automatically disappear from her after seen by them.

 It will give users to communicate with high privacy. Snapchat story is also a very popular feature in Snapchat.

If you post your story in it then it will visible to your friends in their feed.

Some facts About Snapchat

1. Daily Active Users: 190

2. Averages Time Spent: 25-30Minutes in Day

3. 2nd Most Popular Platform in teenagers

4. 2 Million Snaps Sent Every Minute

5. Monthly Active Users: 301 Million

6. Twitter

Twitter is also a very popular social media platform. Twitter is social sharing or news platforms.

 On Twitter, you can follow other people to get their post called a tweet.

The tweet is a short message. Twitter is used by almost all celebrities.

In twitter, you can follow people’s behalf on your interest.

There is all major category like sports, news, movies or business, etc.

1. Tweets Sent Each Day: 500 Million

2. 80% Tweeter Users are outside from US

3.  71% Users read News on Twitter

4. 75% B2B Market on twitter

5.  40% Users make a purchase decision  by Influencer’s tweet

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very popular social media platform among corporate or professionals.

LinkedIn is designed for professional people. It is a great platform for networking.

In these platforms, you can send people to request if he or she accepted it’s called your connection.

 LinkedIn is also helpful for job seekers or recruiters.

If you want a job or want an employee you have to simply search on LinkedIn.  

LinkedIn is not completely free its basic feature is free but if you want all features you have to buy their premium plan.

Some Facts about LinkedIn

1.  Total Users: 562 million

2. Monthly Active Users: 260 Million

3. 44% LinkedIn user’s income is more than $75000

4. 80% B2B leads come from LinkedIn

5.  New member per second: 2

8. Pinterest

 Pinterest is a great social media platform for creators.

 In Pinterest, you can showcase your creativity to your audience. I

f you want to see other people’s creativity then you can pin a post on Pinterest.

 Pinterest is also useful for promoting your business.

Some facts about Pinterest

1. 250 Million People Use Pinterest Every Month

2.  80% Pinterest users are on a mobile

3. 97 Pinterest Search are unbranded

4. Every Month Active User: 175 Million

5. 67% are under the age of 40

9. Tumblr

 Tumblr is a very popular social media platform for promoting your content.

This app is very helpful for a blogger for promoting their blogs. If you are a reader then you probably use Tumblr.

Tumblr you can follow people according to their interests.

Some Facts about Tumblr

1.  36% of visitors are parents

2. 171 billion blogs post on Tumblr

3. 76th Rank on Alexa

4. Posts Every month: 600 Million

5. 66% are under age of 35

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10. Google+

Google+ is also a very popular social media platform is owned by Google.

 Google platform is very helpful for promoting your business.

 In Google+, you can share your photos or content with others in a simple way. It is also best for increasing engagement on your blogs.

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