Top 10 Types of Website

Do you know what types of website is best for you?

Do you know how many types of website?

Do you know what different types of website are?

Do you know what the benefits of different types of website are?

There are a millions of website on internet.

Everyday a lot of websites are created on internet. The website industry is very vast.

Nowadays every business wants their website because there is a digital revolution.

Whenever people want to know about something or whenever they want to buy something.

 They were always found or search on Google.

So it is website is very important for every business.

Before creating any type of website we have to understand how many types of websites.

There are a millions of websites on internet but they are belonging to different category or type. Here are top 10 types of websites

Top 10 Types of Websites

1. Personal Websites

types of website

There are a lot of personal websites are available on internet.

Personal websites are those website who indicates some one’s personal information.

Nowadays a lot of people create a website with their own name (domain name).

On this website they show about her/him. The man goal of creating these types of website is let to know people about herself/himself. 

On this website they also show their achievements or their skill set. Some also show that their life journey.

Benefits of creating Personal Website

1. Competitive Advantage

2. Help Recruiters

3. Dynamic than Resume

4. Showcase you talent

5. It becomes creative portfolio

2. eCommerce Website

types of website

eCommerce website is those websites who sell products to customer through their websites.

 Every website where cart is available is a eCommerce website.

You are using a lot of eCommerce websites before, like Amazon, Flipkart, and Ebay etc.

Number of online buyers is increasing day by day.

Therefore offline shops are now want to establish their ecommerce websites.

Benefits of Ecommerce Website

1. Global Reach

2. Easy to Setup

3.  Customer Covienance

4. Easy to market

5. grow quickly

3. Blog-

The third type of website is blog. A lot of websites that are available on the internet are in the form of blog.

Every website who is delivered informational content is blog websites. Blog websites are regular updates website.

 Blog websites are owned by one people or group of people who constantly provide content on websites.

Whenever you search on Google for seeking some knowledge or want to know something there is always blog websites are in the result.

Benefits of Creating Blog Websites

1. Become a writer

2. Make passive income

3.  Become Influencer

4. Show your expertise

5. Express Yourself

4. Business Website-

Every website that represents business is a business websites. However business is small or big.

 On business websites there are information about that business.

Information includes what is the location of business or what they do, what services they offer or how many they charge for their services product etc.

I recommended every business to create website because it will gain customers trust.

Today people search online before buying anything if your customer search about you on internet or you is not on internet it will lose customer’s trust.

Benefits of Creating Business Website

1. Expand your reach

2. Gain Trust

3.  Educate your customer

4.  Showcase your Services/products

5. It drives sales

5. Affiliate Website-

Before understanding affiliate website, you have to understand affiliate marketing.

 Affiliate marketing is commission based marketing in which you sell third party’s product or service or you earn some commission for a referral.

Affiliate website is that website that provides you knowledge about specific product or compares products or sells someone’s product through their website.

This website will earn from affiliate marketing that’s why they are called affiliate websites.

Benefits of creating a Affiliate website

1. Extra Source of Income

2. Help Your Audience

3.  Easy to Become a Affiliate Marketer

4. Better than Job

5. Earn while Sleep

6. News website-

News websites is that website who published news on their websites.

These websites is also called media websites. This news websites help people to read news online.

There is a lot of news websites on internet. Almost every news channel now use news website.

Benefits of News channel

1. Easy to Access

2. Get news quickly

3. Cost Effective

4. Read anywhere & anytime

5. Time Saving

7. Non Profit Website-

Non Profit websites is that website that sole aim not to earn profit.

There is a lot of nonprofit website is also available on internet.

There is Government website and some website of NGO is available on internet. This websites help public to know about them.

 This website also provides some e services or awareness people.

8.  Portfolio Website-

Portfolio websites is those websites who show past work of any company or individual.

Nowadays companies or individuals use portfolio websites to showcase their past experience or their expertise in that niche.

Portfolio website is best way to showcase your experience.

 It will help individuals in form of job. Recruiters can easily hire by see their portfolio.

It will also help companies in form of getting new potential clients. It will also give trust to clients or recruiters.

9. Informational Website-

the other most popular website are informational websites these website gives audience information about specific niche or topic.

 Informational websites are very useful for getting any kind of information.

You can make money by developing an informational website or it will help users to know about that particular knowledge.

10. Educational Websites-

There are also some educational websites are available on internet.

 Educational website teaches different types of skills or language. Educational websites teach people about languages.

Some educational websites offers different types of course.

 Some website free course or they can make money from adsense or affiliate. Rest of them earns buy sell paid courses.

In these digital revolution people buying online courses because online course is very cheap or accessible from anywhere.

There is a huge of scope creating a educational websites.

Conclusion- Website is very important part of digital revolution. Major things working in digital world are possible through website.

Benefits of blogging for Business

So it will essential to learn how many types of websites are on internet. It will essential for both website creator and internet users.

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