Travel Anywhere Without Money

Traveling can be expensive. But there are also lots of incredible ways to get around the globe when you basically have no money. Here are 10 ways to travel the world on a budget or for free.

1. Try house sitting or pet sitting.

The concept is simple: you live in someone’s home when he is away and do some work for him – feeding his cat or watering his plants or anything else.

They are relieved to learn that their home is not wasted, that you are getting a sweet luxury that does not pay for your living.

Best sites:, and


How i make money while travelling

TakeLessons is a site for teachers and students. I use these terms lightly. If you have something to teach, you can communicate with someone you want to learn.

Teachers teach students about Skype, Google Hangouts, or personally. While traveling, you may want to take lessons online, although it may be a good idea to organize some lessons personally in the cities you visit abroad.

Common classes are things like learning lessons, French lessons, WordPress lessons and exhibition classes, but don’t let these groups stop you. If you are passionate about World of Warcraft or Flamenco, there may be other people.

Create a free account, set your own clock speed, and make sure the time zone is selected. Students are enrolled within a certain time and are paid through Paypal and if you really wanna explore this topic in more detail you can also read how i make money while travelling.

Voila! Who told you that you can make money by traveling so easily?

3. Barter your way to a free stay.

You do not have to pay for all the guided walks – there are lots of free people around the world if you know where you’re looking.

See Free City Tour, which lists all those who do not need to pay you around the world, from Paris to Sydney to Jerusalem and much more.

5. Home Sales –

How i make money while travelling
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Who does not want a free place to stay? Even if you do not usually have to pay any fees, if you do not care about someone else’s home when you leave, it’s a good option.

I know a lot of people who just jumped from the main office to the main office and basically avoided the cost of accommodation for years.

The vehicles can last a week, a month, a year or other. (Jess & Danny from and Pete and Daleen from are family experts!)

Conclusion: There are millions of ways to make money online/offline but the need is how much you are manipulating your brain for that thing.

If you really wanna make money so you have to work here what ever things i covered all are games, the game of mind you need to work hard as well as samart to get what you want.

Good Luck, Domnick

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