Truth About Real Fitness: Looks vs Health

 Real Fitness: Looks vs Health

Today, we see many people go to the gym and perform heavy lifts and workout to achieve a good physique. But, Do they know the difference between Fitness and Wellness?

Which most of the people think can ensure them a much healthier and long life. Major of them get inspired by celebrities and stars who have ripped and muscular physique and claims to have achieved a healthy lifestyle.

 Secondly, the Professionals of Fitness industries who teach people on social media about how to archive their fitness goals as they themselves have just done,

They are just provoking the use of different supplements with one’s daily diet plan.  Unofficially they also provoke the use of enhancement drugs and other chemicals.

But the questions come here are, Does a “leaner physique & Aesthetic look with 5% total body fat” can guarantee good health? Does it necessary for a healthy lifestyle? Do we have to stick to a particular workout & diet plan for a lifetime?

Can’t we just have what we like anymore? these are some questions one could face in his/ her journey to achieve the big questioned goal “Fitness”.

The first thing one should do is to define its goal, Does he/she want to gain muscles with super Aesthetic look to compete for a title or just want to look good with average physique and have health too.

 Both situations have different requirements and need in order to achieve a particular goal.

If one’s goal is to have a physique that can beg a bodybuilding title. Then he/she need to be very strict & punctual towards their workouts, diet plan, supplementation and also give proper rest to their body.

In that phase, most people only think about weights, workout, their diet plan and eventually starts getting out of touch of people and forget to have a life outside the gym.

In that case, it is much needed to focus on their goals and just to forget everything else so they can stand in that highly competitive sport.

But, what if a person has a different goal rather than to get the title? what if one only wants to look good and live a healthy life too? 

then he/she must follow a different plan to achieve their goal. They need to plan their workouts and diet that can easily combine with their daily life.

They need to plan their workout in a way so it won’t affect their whole day schedule and which can be performed easily and give energy for their whole day work rather than to make them feel tired whole day and affect their lives.

In this situation, the person at the beginning to gym and have full of motivation but over the period of time that enthusiasm fades and people stop working out.

 They also need to understand that only going to gym is not what it takes to be healthy and fit. Anything that requires a good amount of energy in perform that particular task is good for Fitness and Wellness.

It can be running, cycling, swimming, martial art training & can also be any outdoor sport.

You can have 4-3 day workouts in a week and on other days replaced with any sport or game.

And for diet plan, one can add, remove or replace things in its daily food to make it healthier without worrying about supplements and boring diet plan.

 For example, you can replace rice with tofu, that is a good source of carbohydrate and protein.

Like that you can try many other things to have healthy food within your taste. This way, you can live your life to the fullest and have health also.

 I know, we live in an era where many unknown and new diseases have evolved over the past decade and being healthy has become more important than before.

One’s negligence towards his/her health may lead to some serious issues. Self-caring is the step one should start taking in order to achieve wellness.

But how to define what is health? Health can sum of a healthy mind, ability to do a daily task with ease, energy throughout the day and a relatively natural physique.

 Good Health is easy to achieved with good training and Nutrition. Performing heavy lifts & workouts and worrying too much about your supplements stack and diet chart would not be necessary.

everyone has become more concerned about their Fitness and Wellness for that everyone is trying there best to achieve their body goals.

Knowing your body type and clear goal about your fitness will help you in long run. So think about it and start doing!

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