Types of shoes | 14 types – casual, dress, boots, sports

Types of Shoes. shoes are one thing that every man needs in their daily life. There are different types of shoes. You saw in your life ever but I am sure you can’t know the names of those shoes. Shoes matter a lot in your fashion. But some of you not properly wear shoes. So let’s go and talk about types of shoes.

Today I am going to talk about only men’s types of shoes.


  1. DERBY Shoes – derby shoe is a formal shoe. You can wear it in your office, office parties. You can’t wear them with your jeans. The only purpose of these shoes is formal. Wherever you wear a formal dress you can wear these types of shoes.

    You can read more about Derby shoes
  • OXFORD Shoes –This shoe is a formal shoe uniform and casual wear. This shoe is generally plain shoes. It made of leather.
  • BROGUE Shoes – This is a formal, semi-formal, casual shoes. You can wear this with your formal party dress and formal parties.
  • MONK Shoes- This shoe is a formal, semi-formal, casual shoes. You can wear it with formal pants, cotton pants, chinos. There are two types under monk shoes. First is Single monk strap & the second is double monk strap. Where a single strap(look like a belt)on the shoe is called single monk strap & where a double strap on the shoe is called double monk strap.
  • LOAFERS Shoes – This shoe is formal, semi-formal, casual shoes. You can wear them with formal pants, jeans, cotton pants, chinos, Shorts.

CASUAL SHOES – My favorite types of shoes

  1. SNEAKERS – sneakers are like your casual shoes. You can pair it with your jeans, chinos, shots. This looks dope with jeans. This is generally a little bit expensive but at least one pair should have in your wardrobe. Every man need sneakers in their wardrobe
  • BOAT – the boat looks like a casual + formal loafer. This shoe is also very famous. You can pair it with shorts chinos. Also at the pool party.
  • ESPADRILLES – this shoe also looks like loafers This is a casual shoe and you can pair with shorts and also you can replace it with sleepers.
  • SANDALA- sandals also look like sleepers, you can wear it home and also at poolside     
  • SLIP-ONS- Slip-on shoes are basically laceless shoes. You can gift these types of shoes to your grandparents. This shoe is very comfortable  


  1. CHELSEA- Chelsea shoes is love. This shoe is my favorite also have Chelsea shoes. This type of shoes enhances your look.
  • CHUKKA – this shoe is also very dope. It looks like derby but this is long. And also this is not formal. This shoe called boots.
  • LONG BROGUE- This shoe brogue but this is a different type of shoes. This is long and also this is boots. This type of shoe basically winters shoes. It looks dope in winters.


  1. Gym Shoes – gym shoes are basically made for daily activities,  Gym shoes are very comfortable. The only purpose for this type of shoes is sports activity.

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