Ways To Make Money Blogging?

Do you want to make money through blogging?

But you have no ideas about the ways of making money out of it.

Then this post is for you.

I want to tell you straight away that there are plenty of ways to make money through blogging such as:

  • Advertising Banners (Like – Google Adsense, Media.net and Infolinks)
  • You can sell your own courses.
  • You can have your own consultancy services.
  • You can run some contextual advertisements.
  • You can bring in people for Guest Post.

There are plenty of ways, let’s talk about the physical product.

Suppose you have a book, you can put them on your blog and write content around them.

Then you can sell some T-shirts and Merchandise

Or you can have digital products, like e-books. You can sell some coupons.

You can provide services, like social media marketing or digital marketing services by writing content around them.

And when people come to your blog and like your content and develop trust through your content. Obviously, they will connect you to help them and you get to make money out of it.

Then there is something like recurring revenue as well.

Let’s say if your blog has certain sections which are premium content.

Let me explain this to you through an example

There is this blog “Incomevoice.com”, where they are having blog articles of 800-1000 words.

Once the content goes viral and gets shared what they are doing is blocking the content.

So only the first 200-300 words from that article will be visible after that it will be locked where they would say pay to access the premium content.

On top of that if you want people to connect with your premium content every single month you can make it available to membership students/audience only for which they will have to pay a recurring amount depending upon your brand.

So that’s how you generate recurring revenue from your blog.

And then there is a huge market of Affiliate where you are sharing product reviews.

You just need your own Amazon Associate account, Clickbank account, and plenty of other affiliate programs.

You can do Affiliate Marketing on your blog, you just need to provide a detailed review in form of text video or anything which you are comfortable with and publish on your blog and whenever people buy anything from your provided link you earn a commission.


So that‘s how you can money from your blog. Hope you are now aware of the ways which can make you money. If you have doubt let me know.

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