What are the Advantages of PPC?

Do you know what advantages of PPC are?

Do you know how PPC boosts your sales?

Do you know how PPC drive more traffic to your website?

PPC is an advertisement platform of Google for advertisers. Business can advertise their site by paying to Google for clicks.

Whenever your search a keyword you will see some results in top and they were written ads. This is the PPC. In PPC you pay to Google for appeared on first result of Google.

Do you know 60% clicks on first result?

Do you think if your website appear on top result of Google what benefits you get. So here are the advantages of PPC.

  • Fast result – PPC gives you fast results compared to SEO. SEO will take much time for drive result. But don’t worries PPC ever take much time it will deliver result fast.

 In PPC you pay to rank for on top result of Google. If your website rank on top then there is high chance your website get visitors if your website get visitors then there is high chance it will deliver fast result. The speed of result is depend on your keyword.

Whenever you do PPC camping or pay for camping then immediately your website get traffic for that keyword.

Let us suppose you sell t shirt and someone search for t shirt on Google or your website will rank on first page because you pay for it then a visitor obviously click on first result there is high chance that he will buy t shirt from you.

  • Measurable- the second most important advantage of PPC is that it will measurable. All digital platforms are almost measurable.

On PPC camping you gent how many clicks your website get or how many search your keyword and from where yours clicks are comes from.

 It will also show your cost per click.

  • No Dependency on SEO- There is two way of getting more website visitors. Once is SEO who is organic traffic or another is PPC that was paid traffic.

 If you use PPC for your website then your website definitely get traffic there is no doubt but on SEO there not chance because SEO depend on your content optimization.

 If there is another website that was better from you then Google will show them in top result.

So if you do PPC you dependency of SEO will reduce.

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  • Target Audience- On PPC camping you will reach to your target audience.

 Target Audience which means the audience you want to visit on your website.

On SEO there is no feature of targeted audience IN SEO process you can only optimize your content according to Search engine.

But on PPC camping you can target your audience by location or keyword etc.

  • Budget Friendly- PPC is budget friendly advertising platform.

You have to control of your advertisement. You can run ad campaign according to your budget. Your cost per click is depending on the keyword you selected.

If you selected there was a high competition then you have to pay more.

If there is no competition on keyword you selected then your CPC is less.

  • Boost traffic – PPC camping boost traffic to you website.

In PPC coming your will appear on top result or people always click on top result if your website related to that keyword so obviously your website will get traffic. It is human tendency he/she always

Clicks on top result. So you will take benefit of appeared on top.

  • You Only Pay for Clicks- the most important benefit of PPC is that you have to pay only when someone click on your website.

If someone search for your keyword on your website appeared on top and if he/she clicked on your website then you have to pay if he or she not click then you don’t have to pay so it is the biggest advantage of PPC.

  • Boost Sales – Another benefit of PPC is that it will boost your sales.

If you have e commerce site or PPC increase your website traffic so if traffic is there is high chance to convert them into sale.

Why you need digital marketing?

Getting traffic  is PPC’s work but covered them into customer is your site’s work so before run a PPC camping make sure your website is good looking or your content is high quality.

Conclusion- So Pay per Click is a Google’s platforms for advertisers to advertise their product’s on Google. PPC helps website to get more traffic. There is another benefit to that we discuss above. So above are the advantages of PPC

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