What dogs are good with kids

Do you want to adopt a new and cute four-legged companion in your house? If yes, then as a dog owner, first make a query; what dogs are good with kids? It’s an obvious question for every pet lover who has children but still, they want to rescue or adopt a canine family member. Some breeds are playful and friendly in nature who really acts as a best friend of your children without causing any harm like biting, scratching and licking adversely.Kids-friendly dogs often act as the best playmates and mentor of compassion, loyalty, cooperation and responsibility to the toddlers. So, research on the canines that are perfect for your family, children and lifestyle. It’s always good to know or enquire about what dogs are good with kids as this is an important factor for your kid safety and for your house.

Factors While Choosing Child Friendly Dog breeds

child friendly dog breeds
Kids are often notorious and non-resilient; so, you should adopt a non-aggressive and calm-natured for your family and toddlers who can easily get mixed with human. Some dogs are nervous and aggressive who can harm your family out of nervousness, confusion and restlessness. However, here are some factors to be considered while choosing child friendly dog breeds:
  1. Size – According to the American Kennel Club, small dogs like Bichon Frise, Bull Dog and Poodle are more fragile and comfortable with children.So, try to rescue and adopt small size dogs by looking at breeds and nature.
  2. Age – Always think about the age and maturity level of your child. Thus, if you bring a small puppy who itself don’t know how to behave with kids then it may be alarming for both the pub and your toddler. The puppies may bite or scratch your child without understanding anything, and it may also get lost in the crowd because of your son or daughter who does not have the idea to take care of a pup. So, try to bring an adult and child-friendly dog for your family who knows how to get mixed with everyone after a small training.
  3. Temperament – Various dogs have several personalities and temperament.Find the dogs with agreeable, resilient, stud and calm because aggressive dogs can harm your child in many ways.
  4. Energetic – The children-friendly dogs are always capable to control their anger when small kids annoy them. To keep the calmness in their nature, adequate energy is necessary that will help to hold a patience level. So, choose breeds like pug and hunting dog that are energetic and calm.
  5. Intelligent – Try to choose smart breeds which can easily handle your children without any irritation. The intelligent dogs are more sensitive than human beings and they learn training faster as compared to other dogs. Breeds like Spaniels and Retrievers are best-suited for this category. Note: Never adopt watchdogs, impatient breeds, nervous and violent dogs for your toddlers and family. They might prove dangerous.
  6. Training – Check whether the pup you are selecting is well-trained or not. If you are rescuing a dog then look after its medicine, vaccinations and groom it properly to fit in with the environment of your family and the nature of your kids. Spend time with your pet pup to train him or her safely and properly with appropriate instructions.
  7. Fitness – Chubby and fat dogs look cute and adorable but they feel lazy and annoyed if small children disturb them. So, try to adapt fit and strong dogs or look after the fitness of your pup by maintaining its proper diet and workout routines. A healthy and fit pup always gets friendly with children and strangers.
All these characteristics and factors should be considered while choosing child friendly dog breeds for a family to safeguard the life of small toddlers who love to play with the furry companion.

Best Kid Friendly Dogs

best kid friendly dogs
In a family with small children smart and adorable-natured dogs are ideally needed which has a moderate energy level and good temperament. Follow the aforesaid personality and traits to find best kid friendly dogs for your family. Take a look at some of the appropriate breeds for the family as follows:1.Labrador RetrieverThe other name of these cute dog breeds is Lab. They are popular family and kids friendly pups because of their familiar and innocent nature. They love small children and strangers and their sweet demeanor makes them BFFs with everyone they meet instantly. However, never underestimate the high energy level of Labrador Retriever because they can grow very fast and they need daily exercise to create a playful and active nature.2.Bull DogThis small and cute wrinkled dog is not only loyal but also decent. Small children love Bull Dog because of its adorable looks and generous over-friendly nature. Along with children they are stranger-friendly and adult-friendly too.3.BeagleThe pleading expressions of Beagle grab the attention of the pet owner and boom its companionship with their family. They are always ready to make new friends with both children and adults. However, never use perfumes and captivating scents while going near them because they are allergenic, and can grow dangerous because of the strong perfume.4.PugPug is a smart and cute small-sized dog breed whose look can appeal you or melt the heart of your children because of its cute eyes and lovely craggy skin. They are highly active and playful but look at their diets and workouts because they have the tendency to put on weight.5.Brussels GriffonBrussels Griffon is one of the cute and smallest dog breeds according to American Kennel Club. They are one of best kid friendly dogs adorable and sweet, but at the same time intellectual, smart, resilient and mature breed. You can easily trust these breeds for your toddler because they are loyal, manageable, and they adopt training or grooming easily.6.HavaneseAmong the family of Cuban breed, Havanese is one of the most sensitive, fun-loving, friendly and jovial-natured dogs. It’s sturdy for its short height, easily trainable, affectionate and perfect companion for your toddler. But, remember it has hypo-allergenic coats, so brush twice a week to maintain hygiene for the pup and your family.7.BoxerBoxer is protective and patient and often prefers the company of human, especially small kids. They are decent and well-mannered and understand human sign or language easily. Their calm nature can easily manage your naughty kid. They like to run with good companions and they have a high energy level which one of the best signs of child-friendly nature.8.CollieCollie is the number one smartest dog compared to the other breeds. Their loyalty has no evaluation with other pups. They are one of best kid friendly dogs for you and your children are one of the positive sign of familiarity and friendly enthusiasm. You just, need to groom them properly after adopting for your children and family.9.PoodlesPoodles are the best custom dog breed which has a sweet toy look and kids are fond of these breeds. They are medium and miniature in sizes available in various colours. They are dignified, obedient, intelligent and sensitive. They learn tricks easily and apply them to children to make them laugh.10.Bichon FriseThe small white Bichon Frise is really loveable because of their serene and cute looks. They have a very strong sense, and they easily recognize strangers and friends. They are small in size but wise enough to handle every type of situation along with your little children.

Final Thoughts

Brush up your ideas properly before choosing what dogs are good with kids and family. The above-mentioned traits of the dog breeds are not only kid-friendly but also familiar to adult.

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