What is 7 P of Marketing?

Do you know what 7 P of marketing is?

Do you know Why 7 P of marketing is important for every business?

Do you know how you can define your 7 P of marketing?

Marketing is a important part of every business. Without marketing it is almost impossible to make a business successful. 

Marketing is activity in which a business offers a product or service to fulfill customer’s need.

For understand marketing it is very important to understand 7 p of marketing.

If you can understand 7 p of marketing for your business then it will be very helpful for you to market your business.

7 P of Marketing

1. Product

the first p of marketing is called product. In these section you have describe your product or service. You have to define your product specialization or features.

 You’re product’s look or packing are also included in these.

You have to also define brand name of products. Product or service is very important part of your business without product you can market. So first you need to work on your product.

Without a good product you’re business is nothing. If you do your business’s marketing or your product is not better than your marketing is flop.

All your marketing is depend on product. As much as your product is better it is easy to market and grow easily & fast.

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So product very important part of your marketing you should have to define it

2. Price

the second p of marketing is price. The second things you have decide price of your product or service.

You have to decide how much a customer will pay you.

 Before deciding price of your price you have to calculate right cost of your products.

Your price cover all thing such as your  product cost, marketing cost or office expanses.

When deciding the price of your product you have to analysis your competition too.

 Your product or service’s price is important because customer compare brand by their price.

Price of your product is also important factor of your marketing.

You have to also decide discount etc that you have offer to your customers.

If you do cost leadership it is also use a marketing strategy.

3. Place

the third p of marketing is place. Please which means where customer buys your service or products.

Do you sell your products on e-commerce or sales channel or do you open a offline store.

 Place is also important part of marketing. According to different places marketing strategies can be different. You have to decide a place that can be very convincible for you customers if you sell non veg in a city where all people are non- vegetarian then your product is flop.

You have to choose best place or market for you product.  You have to lunch your where your product’s demand.

If you sell your product in that marketing where you product is no need then there is almost chance you’re fail.

So if you want to market your product or want to make strong marketing strategies your place is important factor.

4. Promotion

the 4th p of marketing is promotion it includes how you advertise your business.

It also includes how you create your brand awareness. All the ways you choose for your promotion is include in it.

Promotion is very important part of your marketing because it creates brand awareness & helps you to drive more sell.

 Do you use PPC or do you use social media marketing. You have to decide all the promotion methods that can be helpful your business.

5. People

 If your promotion method is great then it is easy to market or get more customer attention.

5th p of marketing is people it means your team or your employee. It is very important marketing factor for service industry.

In service industry you don’t  have any physical products. But you have great teams that you can use for marketing.

If your team is highly skilled or experienced it is easy to market because it gives customer a great experience.

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6. Process

the 6th p of marketing is process. Your process of manufacturing or producing product is also helpful for you in marketing.

A good process gives user a better experience. For example MacDonald’s ham burger making process is same on all restaurants and there taste is also same.

A good process shows your consistency. So it is important to make a process in business.

It is also a important part of marketing and  it is also helpful in internal coordination.

7. Physical evidence

the 7th p of marketing is physical evidence. It is important factor of marketing of those businesses that are give direct services or sell something such as restaurant parlor etc.

If you deliver best user experience to a customer then it very high chance that a customer do your word of mouth marketing.

 You can also market your user experience it is also important part of marketing

conclusion- so these are 7 of marketing you can explore it in your business for market your business more and more.

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