What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Definition

It is one of the best marketing strategies that you can apply in your business and can grow your business by 10 times. Affiliate marketing can give overnight height to your business. It can be proved a J curve strategy for your business and its effect will be seen in your sales book directly. According to me affiliate marketing is nothing but just the online part of multi-level marketing as in multi-level marketing a person sells the company’s product offline and the company give the person some commission for selling that product, Similarly in an affiliate marketing a company gives an affiliate  link to a person and by using that affiliate link if the persons sell the product of their company  then the company will give some commission to the person which have affiliate account of that company and this whole process is done online.

Affiliate chain

 There are many people over an affiliate partner as it is a big industry to handle because there are many co-partners of this. The main partner in this is the merchant also known as a retailer or a brand and under the merchant there comes the network. There is a great responsibility of network as the network contains the offers of affiliate program its major responsibility is to take care of the payment whether it is coming time to time or not and under the network there’s come affiliate which is also known as the publisher.  An affiliate is a person who has companies affiliate link by which he or she helps the company to sell their product online and after selling the product they get a commission on that product from the company. There is one more last guy under an affiliate or the publisher which is customer itself and this cycle revolves like this around the merchant, network, affiliate, and customer.


 How affiliate marketing works

This Strategy of marketing  is very good because in this there is a win-win situation for  each and every person as  company work on the methodology that they will not do marketing but will do it for the product and the price  they were  first  spending on the marketing of the product is now given to the affiliate or the publisher in its affiliate account in the form of a commission which  they were first spending it on the marketing of that product  so by this the publisher or the affiliate partner earns profit out of it and the consumer is also in benefit  because he or she can get product by an affiliate partner of that company in some discounted price.

Affiliate marketing is also said that it is only the reference of a person given to another person about the product of the company. This type of marketing is very time consuming as you don’t get customers first because none of the customers will trust you when you will first give them references but after having a  customer base you can grow very fast in this business and then you can even earn in lakhs or in crores per month.

How affiliate marketing has grown

There was no affiliate marketing in India before 2010  it has grown up with digital marketing due to the support of jio. One of the major reason for rising of this industry is the telephone companies like Rio which have lower down the data rates and by that there are many consumers now online which were not there before.  Affiliate Marketing is responsible for the link which appears in the description of the videos or below the blogs when you read on any browser. It is done on various social media sites like Facebook Twitter Instagram   LinkedIn YouTube and many others.


Companies which provide affiliate accounts

 Affiliate marketing is done with various other marketing strategies like PPC which is pay per click, SEO which is  Search Engine Optimisation, email marketing, advertising on Google or on social media sites and also content marketing. The major companies to provide affiliate account to the people are e-commerce companies like Amazon Flipkart, Myntra and many others. In this Amazon is the biggest company for distributing affiliate account to the people. Nowadays it has become a business to the people by which they are running a good profit out of it.

What is guerrilla marketing

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