What is Content Marketing

According to me it is the best marketing a company can ever do and it is done by leading companies. It is also said sometimes that content is the king and according to me it’s true because there is only content which forces you to click on the ad and check it about more. Running ads on social media websites like Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube and many other sites is easy but converting act customer which is seeing your ad is difficult and it can be done by a content marketer.

As a viewer clicks to your ad when we get a good content to read the post and then his eagerness becomes high to know more about the product or the company which is selling it this happens because of the great content written by a content marketer.  many customers through this marketing buy the company’s product even if there is any need in their daily life or not. It is done by big companies to promote their products like  Microsoft, Apple, Google, and many other Indian companies also like Patanjali, Nestle and many more. The work of the content marketer is to create some new content also as people like to read new content and are boarded by keeping reading the old content so in this field also he or she becomes an necessary need for marketing of your business or for Digital Marketing agencies.

Business growth from it

If you can apply content marketing in your business then it can be a great step for your business and your business can show a J graph in your sales And can be very good for your business. it can push your business to the next level.  in this blog, we will share all our knowledge which can help you to grow your business by doing it and also you will provide complete knowledge about it.

Questions covered in the blog

 some of the  questions about it that we will cover in this blogs are ;

  1. what is content marketing and how it works
  2. what are the advantages and disadvantages of content marketing
  3. how you can apply it to your business

What is content marketing and how it works

It is one of the best forms of marketing a business can ever have as This type of marketing directly register into the unconscious mind of viewer or customer which is watching our products and through social media site like Facebook, Twitter, linked in, Instagram, YouTube, and many More. As it is clear by the name it it is related to some content in marketing.

content marketing

  the content marketer in a digital marketing agency or anywhere is responsible for creating a new content which represents a companies product. Basically, we can say That a content marketer can represent a product in a new form. a content marketer is also responsible for the content you see written on the post of the products ad. there is no doubt in saying that it is present in the future of digital marketing.

what are the advantages and disadvantages of content marketing

   There are pros and cons of every product or services we use in our daily life so similarly it has also some of its advantages and disadvantages.  according to me, it is marketing with more advantages and disadvantages so that’s why it  has become very helpful for  big companies  like Apple, Google, Patanjali, Nestle, and many other

sums of the advantages of content marketing are given below;

 it is very good in increasing sale  is of the company

 as I have already mentioned above that content marketing directly register to your unconscious mind and force you to know more about the product or company and even buy some products of that company despite the person have no use of that in his or her life.  if it is Applied properly by the company or a small business, Strategy of content marketing can give you a J curve in your sales graph over the night.  


 content marketing is a type of marketing which is very important to your business and also it is a cost saving, Which will not give a great effect to your marketing budget And can be easily applied to your business or company. As you can hire a content marketer in just 10 to 15000 in starting and then when your business grows you can increase his or her salary and can Achieve more work out of it.  but sometimes it is not technique perspective because when you hire a digital marketing agency for doing content marketing for your company or a small business that charge you more as they have expert level content writers in their companies.

Some disadvantages of content marketing given below;


 for some businesses, content marketing does not work that much immediately. No doubt it works but for some businesses takes time and so good results in the long term.  it is helpful in fulfilling the long-term goals of the company and not the short term goals of the company.

 it is difficult  to find a good content writer

 As this work is very complicated to do so the demand in the market is very high but the quality supply is not there in the market as we all know creating  a freshly new content is not a child’s work and it needs a very well knowledge about this marketing and should also have a very good knowledge of words and literature section.

How can you apply it to your business

 it is very easy to apply content marketing thing in your business and grow your business and time in today’s competitive world.  you just have to consult to some digital marketing agencies which can do this work for you  and if you are not interested in doing this work by some digital marketing agency for you then you can I r content writer for your company for 10000 to 15000 per month for starting or you can create some new content by learning content writing by yourself also.

What is guerrilla marketing

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