What is guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing is a marketing tactic by which a company viral its product by representing their product uniquely or by unconventional interaction of their product. Guerrilla marketing is very different from other types of marketing as it focuses on the small group of people, it is budget-centric also that means every small business can also apply to this marketing strategy like small shoes selling shop, a small toys shop, a food cart and many more.

guerrilla marketing

 This marketing strategy gives consumer or viewer a shock type or an unordinary feeling, they introduce their product in an unusual way that a person never forgets and by this, they built a billion of business due to guerilla marketing. These thinks get viral out of the small locality also as we live in a digital world nowadays thinks get viral very fast due to social media. This strategy helps small business to grow very fast as when it gets viral not only the small locality people come to their business but also they get an outside audience and by this their business touches height in a very small amount of time. Basically, these are unconventional methods, in these, you have to use your brain power not the money power because in this you engage people imagination. It also said that guerrilla marketing is “grasping the attention to generating the memory”.   

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There are many marketing strategies under guerrilla marketing itself which you can apply to your business and grow your business through the roof.

Some of the strategies are given below :

  1. Viral marketing
  2. Presume marketing
  3. Experiential marketing
  4. Wild posting
  5. Ambient marketing
  6. Grassroots marketing
  7. Rub off effect

 Viral marketing

It works on some extreme emotion that after sharing that people feel good and their reputation is built in society. The basic principle of viral marketing is that first, you register an extreme emotion and then give some delightful surprise by which the viewer gets engage or it can be a little shock type feeling also. Once you engage a consumer or a viewer by an extraordinary feeling then that person will only become your promoter and by this, you can also have word of mouth marketing in your region and may be outside the region also. The good thing in it is you need not spend a large amount of money on this.

Presume marketing

It is a type of marketing where businessman represents the product in an unusual way to market themselves and make a brand of their name. As these thinks register very fast in the consumer and viewers mind and give them an unordinary feeling which forces them to use their product at least once in their life. For example there is a furniture shop in your locality and the owner of that shop had tied furniture to a great wall and from the road it seems that the furniture will drop down now but in reality it will not and that’s the thing where consumer’s attention goes and then he will check that shop at least once in life.

Experiential marketing

It is the type of marketing in which you give some extra to your targeted consumer. It is a wow factor for them and then they only can promote your business on social media or by word of mouth strategy. For example, a food restraint gives some of its product line or a new product for tasting to his perfect audience then it will be a wow factor for them and they will promote your business and be your loyal consumer always.

Wild posting

As it is clear by the name that something wild is going to happen. In this type of marketing business hang or paint their graphics, images, print ads, visuals, etc. in a unusual way such that people passing from their notice them like if it is a logo or an ad it can be painted on a very big wall for whole and this can be an attention-grabbing method for them for the passing through people and they will notice your ad. Basically it gives a small shocking type feeling when you first see to it so you remember it.

For example, OYO paints its a logo on one whole side of the hotel which grabs the attention of the consumer.

Ambient marketing

As it is clear my name that you have to do marketing in ambient part like Coca-Cola had done that if you will go through stairs you will see regular Coca-Cola drink stickers on stairs and if you will go through elevator then you will see diet drink stickers.

Grassroots marketing

It is a very different and good type of marketing. It works on a single community or a special region or a group of people. You first find this group and then get famous in it. The group can be based on demography, geography, ethnography, psychography, etc. For example, OLA and uber started their cashback offer for students only. As they catch the student community and get famous through them only.

Rub off effect

As per the name, it is the rub-off the effect of one think on others. Basically, it means that one campaign can give a rub off effect or you can say that can give you some consumer of that base which is useful for your business. As AMUL has done in their marketing for the song batamize dil of ye jawani ye Diwan, so now AMUL had made that buttermize dil and they get the audience of the song and AMUL brand both.


So by this type of marketing, you can grow your business in a very short period of time you will be a billionaire if you can apply these strategies in your business properly.

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