what is hosting



now we toke about hosting what is hosting and lets toke about this what is hosting and

it’s a like your shop it’s you take as a shop on internet in internet world you can take as a rent and you can pay in advance and

it’s your choice how many months you pay and take a shop in the internet world and use  it is awesome in the internet world and

you have many choices many companies provide this service like a go daddy, big rock, and

many more like hosting and hostgeter and like this many more hosting is a shop on internet world and

also you can pay for it only one month and use for one month and than after one month you can pay more money for next month as a rent and

types of hosting

starter it’s a far bigger and its for a new shopkeeper and it’s a starting level and some traffic on your shops on internet like your website traffic and

you can choose a starter hosting and after some time than you have a more tragic reached than you can upgrade you’re your hosting than your website reached more traffic and than you can upgrade your plane

and now toke about other type of hosting its depend your website traffic and like a more traffic in your website and

this time you contact your service provider and upgrade your plane and enjoy our new plane of your hosting and if you want to ask any thing go timetable24.com

now after some time you have more traffic and now you can also upgrade and enjoy ower this new plane

and after some time you have more traffic like Amazon and flip card so just contact your service provider and

tall him and now you can also upgrade your plane and enjoy it new plane and enjoy it start making money from internet and

hosting is very important and it’s very helpful and trying a company and you don’t satisfy for his work so don’t wery you can also change your service provider and

it’s a free only you give you money for next months advance in a for a few months fees in an advance his new service provider and now you can enjoy and learn his new service provider and

grow and you can also call his service provider and grow if you have any question in your mind so you can take to your company means your service provider and

learn anything your hosting and grow your business if you have any question in your mind then call him ower service provider and tall him and cleared his confusion and learn your company and grow

and now toke about hosting how to work and company how can he manage it so lets toke about company how to manage it works how to work hosting company and

what he does for the name of hosting is a data storage company his a very big system on his place and take a risk and very big investment so many more machines and

ower data store on this and its called a data centers and it’s a very big machine like very big its always connect light and internet and

his data store on this and company charge some investment like a rent and so many people like me and

you some website so take his data store some space and give his company some rent and

grow his business and grower website and its imagin like a pay him to rent and

take his someplace on his data store and and like a 2gb and 1mp its like a processing power and

its like a powerful business and it data store like a god his power all data on his data store and

now anyone search his website and he is searching his website anytime this data store gives his power data and

it’s a really works imagine and anyone anytime search his website ower hosting company give powerful information on we save on his data store like a website it’s really good and

helpful suppose it’s a night and any person search ower website and your data store give him full information and

it’s a nice and you can also choose a different company and grow your website and create a website and

choose a hosting company and try its service and if you don’t like his service and now you can change your service provider and enjoy new service provider and

new company and now you can call him and clear all doubts and clear all things and enjoy your website

now toke about some offers some time companies start a discount as a new customer gift and make his costumers happy and

increase his costumerslist and some offers company many more costumes and it a good deal for the company and more costumes so more money and his work for money and

is a way to make money and also benefits ower and all the customers but its company very smart and

next time give you same price no discounts only for one time and overall it’s a great deal and both are very happy we and company so always search offers and take advantages and

save money and enjoy

now give an advice a hosting company GoDaddy you do not purchase any service of go, daddy, it’s a very pure and

bad service for anything any type of service it’s a bad appearance for purchase a service and very bad so you can not purchase a service from go daddy ok now by

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