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Social media marketing is a very good type of marketing and according to me, it is the best marketing in the Digital Marketing Services. Basically, it is the way by which a brand or a small business can grow its business very fast. It is the favorite marketing of marketers. As it is very helpful in making a brand of small companies or businesses. It is the type of marketing in which marketers show post of the companies product on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many others.

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Best marketing strategies used by marketer very smartly. As they feed in our unconscious mind the tagline of their product. By showing that frequently to us through the social media sites as these type of marketing register in our mind very quickly. The good thing about this marketing is that we can target our audience. By the tools given on these social media websites. And can find our right audience which we cannot do in offline marketing. And as per this our cost per person seeing our and get lower as compared to offline marketing so it is  cost effective also.

we will discuss many things in this blog about it and also share our knowledge by which you can grow your business 10 Times by applying this marketing strategy to your business and it can be proof the best marketing strategy for your business.  It can help your business by getting a J-curve in your sales graph.

Digital Marketing Strategy to grow your Business

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 some of the things that we will discuss about social media marketing are given below;

  1.  How it works
  2.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of social media marketing
  3. How you can apply it to your business.

 Detail talk

How it works

It works on the principle of showing ads to the targeted customers of a company or a small business through these social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and many more. It is done by the marketer to generate the brand value of the company or of a small business by which they can earn profit and generate a good amount of sales in their sales book.

All this is started by making up a beautiful post of the company’s product and showing it as a very great product and then posting it to the social media sites mentioned above By setting some target audience like which age group people will see the ad, which gender will see the ad whether male or female or both  will see, many more target audience like this are set by the marketer and by this only there  cost of viewing one ad comes down. By this, the marketers capture a large market size in their business by spending a small amount of money on marketing. 

In this type of social media marketing, a content writer is also needed to write the content of the post which is to be then shared on the social media websites for generating leads in business. Social media marketing is not only used in business but also used in other things like political campaigns and all. Its a great thing is that we can target our audience in this thing also. For example, we have to hold a political campaign and in that we can target an audience like the ads will be seen by only above 18 people who can vote to the candidate. This candidate pictures standing up in election also do it’s marketing and can win the Election by social media marketing as done by many popular heroes and politician like Modi Ji. 

The advantages and disadvantages of social media marketing

   There are pros and cons of every product or services we use so similarly social media marketing also has some advantages and disadvantages like some of its advantages are;


Increase in brand Awareness

 It increases your brand awareness in a very short period of time if social media marketing is done properly for small business or a company. There are many campaigns running for brand awareness of small businesses and companies that are run by  Digital Marketing agencies.


   As it is mentioned above also that social media marketing is done by the targeted audience for businesses which can buy their product or can give profit to them. we cannot do this in offline marketing. As in offline marketing we pay for that viewer also which is not giving us any business out of it.

  For example there is a hair growth product for women only and that company  put a hoarding on the road and that hoarding is seen by  males. Also which they are not giving any business to the company. But the company is paying for seeing the  hoarding for males also. But unlikely in it  the company  set their target audience to female only. And  the company pay for female only so  the viewing the ad per person get down


Now some disadvantages of social media marketing

Exposure to the competition

 When you are expanding online your competition can see your method. And you can have a great competition with them as you are expanding in all the markets. It can be a great disadvantage for your business if your business has some unique specifications which you don’t want to revel out in the market.

 Need a big staff to manage the Company

     If you are doing social media marketing and by that you are getting a great business or good lead are generating. And you are not fulfilling the customers need because of  plenty of orders. Then it can be a disadvantage of social media marketing. Because if the customer will not feel good service of your company and then he will never come back to your company to buy your product or services. And it will be your great failure.

 How you can Apply it to your business

  It is very simple to apply it to your business. If you are not free to do this work. Then there are many digital marketing agencies which will do it for you.  You can contact the digital marketing agency of your area. And ask them about their services. Then tell them that you want to do social media marketing for your business. And they will give you proper information with the fee structure of the service. You can do it from your home also by learning some tricks of it by online or offline institutes.


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