What is Stubborn Fat and How to Get Rid of It?

Stubborn Fat

People who followed any dieting plan or tried to lose extra fat from their body very well know about the Stubborn fat that present around our belly, lower back and on thighs are very difficult of burn.

No matter what dieting plan or exercises one follows Stubborn fat remain constant. There is a scientific reason behind it why it doesn’t burn and what you should do to burn the Stubborn Fat from your body.

Fat Burning

To know the methods to burn this fat you first need to understand the process of fat burning in human body.

There are three majorly steps should performed during the fat burning.

It is stored in Fat cells which called as fatty acid. A Fat Cell contains Fatty acid nucleus and other cell membrane.

First step in burning of fat is to get that fatty acid out of the fat cell. Which later breakdown to produce energy.

Second step is to transport that fatty acid through blood stream to different cells in body.

Re-esterfication is the process it allows the fatty acid to get stored in fat cell again, If body doesn’t use Fatty acid.

In third step the fatty acid present in the cell and get burn through exercise. Different exercise and protocols are use.

Stubborn Fat

Reason behind the stubborn nature of this fat type is Alpha 2 receptors present in human body.

There are majorly two hormones present in our body to help in burning fat are Adrenaline and Noradrenaline which  called as Catecholamines.

These Catecholamines combines with different receptors and very much decides weather you lose fat or not.

Stubborn fat has high no or Alpha 2 receptors present in it which slows down the process of fat loss. While Beta 2 receptors fasten the process.

They Alpha 2 and Beta 2 combine with hormones  to start fat burn. In case hormones get combined with the wrong receptors it will not initiate any fat loss.

That’s why Loosing Stubborn fat is not easy task.

Steps to Loose Stubborn Fat

Train in fasted stage that will allow fatty acid to come out of the fat cells. Low insulin level allow body to target the fat .

Adding Supplements like Tyrosine and Caffeine. It increases the movement of beta receptors and catacolamine that allow fatty acid to travel through blood stream.

Caffeine improve the flow to blood sugar level to make it easier to carry fatty acid through blood stream to liver and muscle sells where they will get burn.

Make body to burn fatty acid you will need to deplete your muscle glycogen level with high intensity workout. Then performing a low intensity workout to finally burn those fat.

These are some step on can follow to burn the Stubborn fat from their body. But there are certain thing to remember before attempting. Use these steps when you reached to the 15% body fat.

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