What is the need for digital marketing? | Benefits of Digital Marketing

Have you ever thought about What is the need for Digital Marketing?

Do you know what Digital Marketing is?

Do you know how digital marketing will change your business?

Internet users are going to increase day by day. Social media active users are also going to increase day by day. There is a large audience on the internet and smart mobile.

 As per research, 83% of users conduct online research before buying any product.

If users research a lot of products on internets it means that they can trust on digital platforms or the internet.

Can you imagine if people search your business or your products or service on the internet & they do not found you on the internet and other platforms?

Can they trust in your business or can you also understand what things your business miss due to not on digital platforms?

Every people is talking so much about digital marketing.

Even we also say you to do digital marketing, do you think why we are asking a lot about digital marketing.

So here are some great benefits of digital marketing that can be very helpful for you to understand why there is a need for digital marketing.

You can also understand what things your businesses miss due to not on digital platforms.

1. Cheaper than traditional marketing

The first biggest advantage of digital marketing is that it is cheaper than traditional marketing.

In traditional marketing, your business needs a very high budget.

Television advertisements, radio advertisement or newspapers that are the most popular ways of doing traditional marketing needs a very high budget.

In traditional marketing your business no control over the budget. You have to spend your money on all the audience.

But in online marketing, your budget is on your control and you have to spend your money only on marketing your specific audience.

Let’s suppose you have an offline store of ladies’ appeal. If you can market your store by television advertisement you have to spend a big amount.

In this marketing, your add will be seen by everyone who is watching television.

But in digital marketing, you have to market only that audience who is your potential customer.

In digital marketing, you spend your money or resources only for your potential customers.

 So that’s why your cost will be automatically reduced because you spent your money only on your potential customers, not on all audiences.

2. Target your right audience

Digital marketing gives you to target your potential audience.

In traditional marketing you do marketing on all platforms such as television ads is not giving you an opportunity to target a specific audience.

In Digital marketing every platform such as Google Adwords or PPC, Social media marketing giving you an opportunity to target your right audience.

You can target your audience by age, interest, behavior, location, gender, etc.

Let us suppose you sell gents shirt. In internet marketing, you target your specific age (according to your t-shirt size), Interest (men’s fashion), location (where you want to sell), gender (male). But in traditional marketing, you can do nothing. That is why there is a great need for digital Marketing

3. Easy to measure

The greatest benefit of internet marketing is that you can measure everything you want to measure.

In traditional marketing, you can never see any reports such as who views your ad, what is their age, what is customer acquisition cost, what is your conversion, etc. But in digital marketing you measure everything.

If you run an ad campaign you can measure everything in the report. You can easily see  How many impressions your campaign gets, how many conversion you get etc.

Let us suppose you run a Facebook campaign for a product named men’s watch.

You can see how many people your post reaches & what engagement you get. You can also see you’re their location and the result you get.

4.Better conversion rate or ROI-

the other biggest advantage of digital marketing I that better conversion rate or return on investment.

 In digital marketing, you get more conversion than traditional marketing because you can target the relevant audiences. In digital marketing, you can get better

Let’s suppose that you run a campaign for 100 dollars or your post reach to  1000 people or your product margin is 25 and the conversion rate is 2%. You can convert 20 people and your margin is 500 (25*20). So here your ROI is 500%

5. Retargeting-

In digital marketing, you can retarget your potential customers until they turn into. By email marketing automation you can regularly engage them until they turn into buyers.

 In Facebook camping, you also retarget them by showing ads again. You can retarget that audience who engage with you in your previous campaign.

6.Customer relationship management-

The other greatest benefit of digital marketing is you can easily manage your customer relationship.

By social media, you can deliver more satisfaction to your customers. Apart from building great relationships with customers, there are many other Advantages of Social Media Marketing.

7.Traceable Or Adjustable-

In digital marketing, you can track your campaign or stop them anytime.

You can also modify the campaign or adjust them with another new one. If you do traditional advertising. You show advertisements to the audience you can never edit them easily or stop them.

 But in online marketing, you have the right to stop camping anytime or adjust them.

Conclusion- So these are core benefits of digital marketing. This is the greatest advantage of digital marketing that is completely differentiated from traditional marketing.

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