What is TRADE MARK? Importance of trademark in online selling!

what is a trade mark? Hello everyone, today I am going to talk about trademark. Like what is trademark and the importance of trademark in online selling? what is a trade mark? Some of you have your own business and the name of your business or a logo of your business is actually your trademark. There are various types of trademarks which can be registered like products, services, shapes, sound, and pattern. 45 classes in trademark and every class requires different registration.

what is trade mark

 Two main classes in trademark first is class in goods and second is class in services. First 34 classes in goods and rest 35 to 45 classes in services. A fee of trademark registration in 9,000 for online and 10,000 for offline. When you register your business name or your business logo under the trademark registration.  Your name is secure and nobody copies your business name or your logo. Nobody can use your business name without your permission. If somebody trying to copy your business name you can sue them.

Process of Trademark:-

Process of Trademark:- Trademark process is actually very simple even you register your own business name on it. you can submit your file offline & online both ways are very simple. Offline office in Delhi and you can search that on google. First, you need to choose your class. Then you need the important documents of your business identity and your own also. then you also need a digital signature. Your business logo or Name.

Processing time is a minimum of six months and maximum of two years. You can use a TM symbol on your logo when you Successfully applied. it takes six to twenty-four months of approving and when they approved your business name or logo you can use R symbol on your logo. It means your business name is successfully registered and nobody can use your name. but I suggest you, you hire someone who does it all procedure. Sometimes they send objection against your business name your agent reply against the objection. The validity of a trademark is ten years after ten years you have to re-register your trademark.

Trade mark is mandatory in online selling ?

NO trademark is not mandatory in online selling you can sell your product without register your trademark. But if you have a registered trademark of your products then online platforms gives you a lot of benefits.

Importance of trademark in online selling:-

It protects your intellectual property nobody can use your logo, a name without your permission. For example, if you deal in shoe category, suppose you sell sleeper on e-commerce platforms, sleepers are easily available in the market, if other sellers have similar products, then they listed their products in the same catalog with low price. So this will decrease your brand value and customers affected from it. So you can appeal your platforms that this product Belongs from our brand and they are unauthorized sellers, the Market place will remove that seller and protect your brand name.

According to the survey, the customer buys branded products in comparison to generic products. It builds your trust factor. Your product on the market place will be easy to find. So if you have a registered trademark it will build your brand value on online platforms. And also you have these all benefits and rights.

I suggest you if you doing a business of anything to register your name and logo under the trademark. This will gives you extra security and protection.

Thanks, Jatin kumar 

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