When its comes to Patients Health, Trust Sudhir Diesel Gensets

We understand how crucial it is to keep your hospital running with seamless power supply for the health and well-being of your patients.

The emergency power solutions are tailored to meet your requirements. We offer the most reliable power generation solutions like diesel generators, gensets and contenerized generator with amf panels depending on your specific need

How does Sudhir power ensure you emergency power for uninterrupted power supply Hospital and medical industries?
Sudhir power ensures you maximum uptime in any industry. We are one of the leading diesel generator manufacturer in india. Our reliable solutions to your requirement are:

30 KVA – 500 KVA diesel generator for emergency backup for industries.
500 KVA – 3000 KVA diesel generator for temporary power plants.
Multi Megawatt solutions.
Containerized power generators.
Acoustics diesel generator
All the equipment’s are set up in a installation area and then cabled to your output points.

Trust Sudhir Power Gensets which are designed to offer continuous power supply at times of power outrage and support all your hospital equipment and lighting fixtures with care.

We also provide generator rental support as Every sector needs a temporary power plant to meet regular and any emergency power backup solutions.

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