Why a Man Lie to his Wife?

                  A Men lie to his wife because of her, is it true or false we can have a debate over it the whole day. Actually it’s a truth and it’s a lie too, it depends on you how you handle it.

                  First a wife wants her husband to speak the truth actually every wife wants, that her husband doesn’t hide anything from her, even husbands don’t want to.

                  Husbands also agree that they shouldn’t tell a lie because it will be revealed sometime.

                  If husband tells the truth then she stretches the topic for two hours and if she came to know about it from anybody else it will be stretched for 10 days. So how to avoid these situations?

                  So if every wife wants to know that does her husband dare to speak the truth? And why he tells a lie? Then the answer is – do you have the courage to listen the truth?

If you have courage to listen the truth then he doesn’t need to hide anything from you. Let’s understand it with some Indian perspective examples…

When husband comes late form the office.

Wife: why are you late?

Husband: (here husband speaks the truth because he is newly married )

When I was leaving from the office then my old friend Radhika came across, and you know we meet after a long time and we had a coffee while we were talking and we didn’t even realize how 1 hour passed away, we met after a long time, we enjoyed a lot.

Wife: (her reaction) ok Radika , so you were spending time with Radhika and I was waiting for you so long, you don’t even worry about me. And I was calling you since long, you didn’t pick my phone.

(Here husband spoke the truth and faced a bad reaction, and after that their dinner aa well as night was ruined and for many days on same the topic fights keep happening after that)

On coming second time late he also speaks the truth and again he faced a bad reaction and fight. And this is the time where husband starts to figure out that speaking truth is the cause of fights and slowly he stared telling a lie, and  keeps the fights away and he become use to of telling a lie.

In his mind a list of many fake reasons is made to avoid these situations, every time he came late and if his wife asks why are you late, now he throw a fake reason, and keeps throwing day by day..

First day: why are you late? Tire got puncher..

Second day: why are you late? There was a Traffic jam..

Third day: why are you late? Boss told to stay..

Forth day: why are you late? Customer problem..

Every day he keeps telling a fake reason and a lie, and for ten days he got ten reasons to tell because just telling a lie resolves all the problem, there is no long discussions no fights nothing else. And after that he enjoys his evening.

Everything goes smoothly after that, now husband understood that there are lots of benefits of telling a lie. And husband catches the habit of telling a lie.

So both husband and wife need to understand that no one will neither pressure nor lie to each other. This way the person will not tell a lie and will like you to tell everything.

Because he also don’t like to tell a lie. because one day truth will be revealed itself.

Wheather the person come to know about the truth, that is another thing, if you both are sharing your life then why don’t you share it completely.

Just tell everything, also tell what she also doesn’t know, but sometimes it’s hard for men to tell about his life problems and challenges, because we men don’t want to tell and discuss office issues.

But somewhere if there anything important just tell her in a single sentence.

I was busy with a customer today.

Wife: what happened? Tell me..

Husband: it doesn’t belong to you, it’s a office matter leave it. It’s better if we don’t discuss it in our personal life. Just tell this and finish it.

But tell if there is something that she should know then tell her.

(But here wife should take care, she should not discuss that office issue and don’t ask it for the  next 10 days, if you don’t do this then he will love to tell you, And if you keep asking questions on that then he will stop telling you what he tells and ignore you just by telling a lie.)

And the second thing for wives is :- Have courage to listen the truth. If he told you that he came across to Radhika and they met after a long time and had a coffee.

Then your answer should have :- ok Radhika, why did you take her to coffee shop, you should bring her to home. We can have dinner together. It’s not good if you met your friend after long time and didn’t bring her home.

Now the man starts thinking how +ve is her wife, how good is she and she is open minded too. And by doing this, next time Radhika will come to your home and first she come to know that he is married (your biggest benefit), don’t you think it is very important?

Because the more he will meet her outside the less you come to know what he is doing there. And once Radhika come to home then she could meet you and you can exchange the phone numbers.

And random benefit you can get is: you can check when Radhika is online and when your is husband online.

Analyze yourself by asking these questions..

Did your husband tell his office issues but don’t tell now a days?

Do you fight/discuss on his office issues again and again?

Do you fight with your husband when he gives time to his friends?

Do you feel that he gives you less time & why?

Think how can you apply above techniques in your life?

Now I’m sure both of you have understood that, so be ready to listen open heartedly. Yes, having faith is must because without trust no relationship can work.

Every husband wants to tell you everything if you don’t create drama on it, it is also one of the  secrets of any relationship.

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