Why People Quit On Fitness Goals ?

Have you ever tried fitness workout?  Yes I know every one of you has decided to start your fitness journey which came to an end too soon or you all promise yourselves to start on that Monday , but that Monday never came , and yes there are some out of thousands who have an inner  desire to stay fit throughout the life, the so-called fitness freaks.

Now I just want you to genuinely ask a question to yourself that is there really any difference between you and people who are fit and healthy?

 Not a big one, they are just like you and the only difference is of the mindset that they carry to know the importance of having a healthy body.

Trust me it’s very easy to stay fit it’s just you need the right mindset and correct guidance to be one.

So in this blog, I will tell you the reasons along with their permanent solution so as to be healthy and fit through your life.

The main problems to discuss upon are:-


People think that being fit is very difficult or next to impossible. Because of social media internet and rumors and the overhyped idea about fitness.

Actually being fit is very easy if you are under the guidance of a professional. But most of the people don’t even start exercising because they think that is too hard to achieve, fitness is not all about gym and building body but its about understanding your body and finding what works for you and then following that exercise routine with discipline.

There is a huge variety of ways you can get yourself fit. Even simple jogging and walking can also work if you don’t have enough time is your tight schedule.


unclear goals

The very first thing you need to understand is that you should find out what problem your body is facing and what needs to be worked upon and in that way you will get an idea from where to start and that you will be able to set your fitness goals.

 In many of the cases who quit, this factor plays a significant role because people don’t even know their fitness goals and they start working out by looking at other, you need to understand that everyone has different bodies and different fitness levels, so same exercise routine cannot work for everyone some cases.

For example, if a fat person who is very fat gives priority to muscle building that he will quit very soon because he will not get easy results as first he needs to work on his fat loss and improve his cardiovascular fitness, that he should go for hypertrophy(muscle gaining).


fitness assessment

You will be surprised to know that majority of people don’t even know or care about this part of fitness and this is one of the most important initial steps to your fitness journey.

 According to studies it was seen that if primarily someone goes through a proper fitness assessment that he can very easily define his fitness goal and one can easily choose what to work upon and what not to, it saves both time and effort of people.


Success in any field comes by hard work and consistency, but nowadays in this era of technological advancement people have become so lazy that they don’t even want to move out from the home to be fit.

 They want everything should be fed to them and this is the reason why so many diseased and joints related issues arise because people have become so sedentary.

You need to understand that results come by working hard for it, not by just thinking of doing and those who do are the ones who enjoy the fruits of being healthy.

In order to get results you have to be consistent and be patient because being healthy is a journey of life its not a temporary thing so you need to understand that big changes need time.

Most of the people quit the gym because they are not seeing results, that doesn’t mean you will are not getting fit, it’s just that its take time for changes to be seen.


Majority of people complain that they don’t have time for a workout, I just want you to sit back and take a moment and just think that you have to perform all the tasks of your life with your body and you don’t have time to take care of that body?

What will happen when your body will start giving up and then you will have no option but to regret that you would have taken good care of this body which you have.

Realize the importance of a healthy and fit body and remember one thing that exercise is one of the most necessary future investment that you can make.

 As it is rightly said that “a healthy mind resides in a healthy body” so exercising has added benefits of making your mind also healthy thus increasing your concentration and focus and reducing your stress.

 If you want you can easily manage to take out at least half to one hour for exercise regularly.


boring fitness workouts

People don’t explore various components of fitness and they stick to the same workout pattern or program that they have been following in the past, and soon a there comes a time when they get bored of their program and they quit.

In order to avoid this, you must keep have variations in your workout programs in order to maintain the interest so that you face new challenges every time you get bored and that is what keeps you going.

 Don’t be afraid to experiment, test the limits of your body and trust me you will never lose interest in fitness.

 As if you will carry this kind of mindset towards fitness that a time will come that you will realize that you have come so far away with your fitness and that will boost your confidence in such a way that it will change your life.

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